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About Us

Welcome to The Florence Academy of Art’s Blog. The mission of this blog is to share information, ideas and opinions on figurative realism.


Please contact an Administrator if you would like to become a contributor. We welcome and invite you to share your knowledge of the subjects that interest our community by submitting texts, images and videos on artists, exhibitions, books, articles, awards and competitions. If you have news or an image you would like to share, please send it to one of the emails below:


We appreciate your comments and contributions.
• Comments are moderated. The Academy reserves the right to refuse, edit or remove any post for any reason.
• All comments are solely the opinions of the individuals submitting them and the publication of them on this blog does not imply our endorsement or agreement.
• Comments may offer constructive criticism, but they should be polite and well argued. Personal attacks, foul language and generally harmful comments about the authors or other commentators will not be posted.
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