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A poem for the FAA

by admin3 on October 25th, 2011

I most enjoyed
receiving your splendid
Art eye candied delights.
A chinese plum; take just one?

Decidedly most effusive
Provider of undeserved praise
Sparked from ignition
so sparse as my larks of words

Visceral phenomenon
indelible if inedible
Secret recipe of

bark of mangrove
+ eye of viper
+ piss of rhino
+ yellow dust of bee

Will the paint harden
providing color
To meaning and
meaning to color?

Poetry you say;
I say let there be words
Reflected off juggling balls
of magic or

Effortlessly emerging
from Pandora’s secret place.
I am your poet; how will the
Academy use verbal imagery?

– By James Henry Zukin

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