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Insane Productions

by admin on April 11th, 2011

Insane Productions was founded in 2009. Our goal is to create video tutorials for the arts, by interviewing contemporary young artists within different media. We want to push current art education tools beyond their borders and make them accessible to anyone who is interested. As artists ourselves, we think we can put our knowledge together to create something unique and useful, whether for a seasoned professional or for an aspiring beginner. Videos of artists, for artists, created by artists.

Great ideas often seem insane at their start, but given time, they integrate themselves into everyday life, until the world would seem insane without them. This concept is a driving force behind our aims to share traditional knowledge through modern means.

Creativity is the key to making a difference, and to making videos that can change the perception of what art education can be. To find out more about us, roll over “Team” in the menu bar…

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