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38 new works of students at The Florence Academy of Art. Winter trimester

by Basilio de San Juan Guerrero on April 6th, 2014

Congratulations to students and teachers!

Matthew McDonald IMG_7102 Toby Neve_cast on tone paper Tobe Neve_Portrait on tone paper Sarah Chong_cast paiting Sarah Chong_cast on tone paper Robert Kelly_Anatomy Cast Drawing Rachel Personett_cast on tone paper Olivia Crane_cast on tone paper Oliver Chennells_long pose Niko Lauhkonen_cast painting Catherine EldrigeMegan Evell_cast on tone paper Lee Craigmile_long pose Dylan Gillespie_long pose Dylan Gillespie_Cast on tone paper David Mason_long pose David Mason_long pose_painting David Mason_cast_painting Rachel Personett_cast on tone paper Benjamin Arnold_cast painting Nicholas Chen_portrait painting in oil Lynn Guo_oil portrait painting Joshua Granberg_still life Joshua Granberg_long pose Johan Sjoholm_still life Johan Sjoholm_long pose Jamie Coreth_portrait_painting Jamie Coreth_long pose_painting Jamie Coreth_life_size_figure_painting_detail Jamie Coreth_life_size_figure_painting_ Anne Elisabeth Sanddal Koldso_still life_02 Anne Elisabeth Sanddal Koldso_still life_01 Anne Elisabeth Sanddal Koldso_portrait_01 08 Tony Pecoraro 07 Silvia Juez 06 Amanda Granberg Olsson 05 Amanda Granberg Olsson 04 Mathias Bader long pose 03 Maudie Brady

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