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Chinese Artists Community at The Florence Academy of Art

by Basilio de San Juan Guerrero on February 6th, 2014
During the evenings in Via Luna, The Florence Academy of Art hosts a group of students from China in a special class called Chinese Artists in Florence Community. The group was started by Lynn Guo from our painting program and Shi Yu. They recently had a special guest artist talk to the group, Professor ZhiQiang Yang of LuoYang University Fine Art Department. Prof. Yang was assigned to study in Russia, at the V. Surikov Moscow State Academy Art Institute by the Chinese government 10 years ago. Today he is a very well established sculptor and a fine arts professor in China. Last Tuesday evening, the class held a ‘Q & A ‘ session with him for its students. Lynn says, “there were so many great questions that have been answered, including techniques, fine art trends,  how to approach the galleries & how to apply for a teaching position in Chinese schools & universities etc.”
Here is information on the Chinese Community in Florence:
Chinese Artists in Florence Community was founded on July 28th, 2013, in Florence, Italy. A non-profit organisation, its two co-founders are both third year students at The Florence Academy of Art, Lynn Guo (Painting Program and student teacher for first year students) & Liu Shi Yu (Sculpture Program). The community is mainly formed by a group of painters and sculptors, as well as a few filmmakers and musicians.  Chinese Artists in Florence Community aims to carry on the spirit of classical art and aesthetics, while embracing modern themes and contemporary culture; it promotes exchange opportunities between Chinese and western artists. The current workshops provide study/training opportunities to young Chinese art students, introducing them to classical drawing/painting/sculpturing techniques, and create work opportunities to teachers and models.

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