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The Alpine Fellowship. A residential prize for classical painters

by Basilio de San Juan Guerrero on February 26th, 2013

The Alpine Fellowship is a residential programme that brings together students of classical painting with philosophers and professional painters. The aim is to foster a community with clear values, a reconnection with nature, and an ongoing dialogue with aesthetics.​

The aim of the fellowship is to: reconnect and study nature, improve craft and skills in painting, foster a dialogue in philosophy and aesthetics.​

General information

The prize is aimed at intermediate to advanced students of classical painting and aims to assist and improve their technical skills; broaden their cultural and aesthetic vision; reconnect with nature and study the natural world; foster a new community of painters with a clear purpose and vision. Prize winners will be invited to reside in the Swiss Alps for the month of September.

Prize Specifics

Up to 4 places (two of which will be chosen from the Florence Academy of Art second year student body)
Three weeks (1.09.13 – 21.09.13) free accommodation (not including meals) and studio space
Weekly readings
Weekly seminar/painting tutorial with AJ Lawson
Visiting speakers and guest painters

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