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Apr 26 14

Guest lecturer at the Florence Academy. Sculptor Jason Arkles – The development of clay and wax modeling in Renaissance Florence

by Basilio de San Juan Guerrero

We had the opportunity to hear a good lecture with Jason Louis Arkles.

Jason was born in Washington, DC, one of five children of a woodworker and a quilter. In 1996, he traveled to Florence, Italy.

In June of 2000, the National Sculpture Society awarded him the George Gach Prize, for his entry in the National Sculpture Competition, and the Gloria Medal for his ‘meritorious body of work’. Since then Jason has taken part in national and regional exhibitions too numerous to list, from New York to Washington, DC to Chapel Hill.

Even with his essentially 19th century training, Jason has no desire to ‘turn back the clock’ and ignore or discredit abstraction and mannerism in art of the past century. He firmly believes that the art of the twenty-first century will be a continuation of the theoretical and psychological progress of Modern art, synthesized with a much-needed return to Nature as the source of stimulus and motive in creative work.

To know more about Jason´s work click here


Getting things ready!

IMG_8287 IMG_8289


Jason Arkles, Daniel Graves and Jamie Coreth


Rob Bodem, Jason Arkles and Daniel Graves


See you again in June 6th Jason! Looking forward to hear next lecture

Apr 23 14

The Florence Academy of Art summer scholarship contest. Deadline. May 23, 2014!

by Basilio de San Juan Guerrero


and creativity in Florence, Italy!
Drawing – Painting – Sculpture
June 30 – July 25, 2014
Workshop of the winner’s choice and accommodations in a furnished apartment
Choose From Figure Drawing, Figure Painting, Portraiture, Still Life, Landscape & Sculpture



Your email must include:

– Full Name, Date of Birth, Mailing address, Phone number (with country codes)

– 3 low resolution jpeg images (maximum 72 dpi) of your recent drawings, paintings, or sculptures. Include your name and a title in the JPG file title.

– Maximum 250 words about yourself.

Deadline. May 23, 2014, at midnight. Our 10 Finalists will be announced on our Facebook page daily from May 28th and the winner will be announced June 5, 2014, on The Florence Academy of Art Facebook and Twitter pages.

Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for competition updates.

For a complete description of our summer workshops in Florence, go to Summer Florence on our Homepage or click here.

If you want to read the complete information go to our website here

Good Luck!


Apr 9 14

Alumna’s success in major international portrait exhibition. Congratulations Tatyana!

by Basilio de San Juan Guerrero
Work by Tatyana Kulida Shelley, has been selected from over 1,000 entries to appear alongside paintings by some of Britain’s leading portrait artists. The Royal Society of Portrait Painters hold an annual open submission exhibition in central London each year.
Graced by portraits of royalty, celebrities, academics, mothers, daughters, fathers and sons, the exhibition is a feature of the social calendar. This year about half of the work will be by eminent Members of the Society and half by emerging artists selected through the open submission. With some 200 portraits on show this is one of the largest and most comprehensive exhibitions of recent portraits in Europe.
This year’s exhibition will be on display at the Mall Galleries near Trafalgar Square between 8 and 23 May 2014. The Royal Society of Portrait Painters have many prizes and awards available to exhibitors, including the £10,000 Ondaatje Prize for Portraiture and the £3,000 de Laszlo Foundation Award.
Kulida Shelley T. Rachel Holding on to joy
Apr 6 14

38 new works of students at The Florence Academy of Art. Winter trimester

by Basilio de San Juan Guerrero

Congratulations to students and teachers!

Matthew McDonald IMG_7102 Toby Neve_cast on tone paper Tobe Neve_Portrait on tone paper Sarah Chong_cast paiting Sarah Chong_cast on tone paper Robert Kelly_Anatomy Cast Drawing Rachel Personett_cast on tone paper Olivia Crane_cast on tone paper Oliver Chennells_long pose Niko Lauhkonen_cast painting Catherine EldrigeMegan Evell_cast on tone paper Lee Craigmile_long pose Dylan Gillespie_long pose Dylan Gillespie_Cast on tone paper David Mason_long pose David Mason_long pose_painting David Mason_cast_painting Rachel Personett_cast on tone paper Benjamin Arnold_cast painting Nicholas Chen_portrait painting in oil Lynn Guo_oil portrait painting Joshua Granberg_still life Joshua Granberg_long pose Johan Sjoholm_still life Johan Sjoholm_long pose Jamie Coreth_portrait_painting Jamie Coreth_long pose_painting Jamie Coreth_life_size_figure_painting_detail Jamie Coreth_life_size_figure_painting_ Anne Elisabeth Sanddal Koldso_still life_02 Anne Elisabeth Sanddal Koldso_still life_01 Anne Elisabeth Sanddal Koldso_portrait_01 08 Tony Pecoraro 07 Silvia Juez 06 Amanda Granberg Olsson 05 Amanda Granberg Olsson 04 Mathias Bader long pose 03 Maudie Brady

Apr 2 14

Grzegorz Gwiazda and Max Ginsburg will be guest lecturers at The Florence Academy of Art this coming May

by Basilio de San Juan Guerrero

As we mentioned before on our Facebook page, Grzegorz Gwiazda will be with FAA students and FAA alumni, this coming May 10th. Grzegorz Gwiazda was born in 1984 in Lidzbark Warmiński. He studied at Poznań and Warsaw Schools of Fine Arts, and then at the Accademia di Belle Arte di Brera in Milan, Italy, having been granted a scholarship. In 2009 he graduated with honours from Academy of Art in Warsaw (ASP), where he had studied sculpture under Professor Adam Myjak. In January 2014 he was awarded his doctorate. Since 2009 he has been working as Assistant to Professor Maciej Zychowicz in the Graphics and Sculpture Department at the Institute of Art Education at the School of Special Education (IEA ASP) in Warsaw…(read more about here)

Here is some of his work



On May 23, 24 and 25 we will  host Max Ginsburg,  an American Painter born in Paris, France, in 1931. He will present his work from 1956-2014 and speak about the development of his recent large multifigure paintings, from concept through finish. Then follow with a demo-workshop on May 24 & 25.

Max Ginsburg lives in New York. He explores human life situation related with war, social depressions, while explores also other fields related with fiction, romance and youthful life. As New Yorker recognizes a profound connection with the diversity of this city as source of inspiration. At the same time he also looks for inspiration in classical artists such as Caravaggio, Goya, Kollwitz and Picasso among others. 

FAA students and alumni cannot wait for Max’s lecture and demo! (More info about Max here)

It seems we are going to have a busy May at the FAA…!



Homage To Rembrandt

Max Ginsburg 'War Pieta'Unemployed on Line 1

if you are around New York don’t miss his exhibition in ArtRage Gallery. Details in the flier bellow

GINSBURG artrage bro -1