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Florence Academy of Art - blog
Dec 12 13

Guest Lecturer: Mark Coreth; Wild sculpting

by Basilio de San Juan Guerrero

A very interesting lecture at The Florence Academy of Art with Mark Coreth. He also did a demo during the lecture.

The final piece from memory

He also spoke to us about the ice bear project. What´s The Ice Bear Project?

The Ice Bear Project is a not-for-profit arts organisation. The inspiration behind it has come from animal sculptor, Mark Coreth. He witnessed the effects of climate change when he first travelled to Baffin Island during November 2007. Mark knew that few will ever experience the Arctic, but realised that he could bring the Arctic to everyone in the form of an Ice Bear sculptural event.

The Ice Bear Project is non-political. We simply believe that great art alone can speak for itself and has a significant role to play in connecting us all to the natural world.

Three plaques are placed in the ice below the Ice Bear. The text for them was written by Professor Peter Wadhams (Head of Ocean Physics at the University of Cambridge), Clive Desiré-Tesar (Head of Communications for WWF-International Arctic Programme ) and Pen Hadow (Director and Head of Surveying for the Catlin Arctic Survey).

Click in the image bellow for more information about the Project

Click in the image bellow for more information about the Film