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Sep 30 14

Don´t miss the opportunity to visit it. The show continues through October 8th by appointment only. FAA Alumni show New York City

by Basilio de San Juan Guerrero

The exhibition will be open  from 5:00 – 9:00 PM  until October 8th. Don’t miss the opportunity! .


601 West 26th Street, Suite 1385
New York, NY 10001
Tel: 212-352-1000

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May 27 14

Congratulations to all the Florence Academy winners of the 2013-14 Art Renewal Center Salon

by Basilio de San Juan Guerrero

This year has been a good year for Alumni at the ARC awards! 22 paintings and one sculpture…Well done!

Here is the list and work of the winner by categories

William Bouguereau Award

$3,000 Prize
Nick Alm


Fine Art Connoisseur Magazine Award and Imaginative Realism Category Winners $2,250 First Place Prize
Stephen Bauman
When I was Young
Oil on Canvas
45 x 60 inches
Chairman’s Choice Awards

$350 Chairman’s Prize
Per Elof Nilsson Ricklund
Two Sides of a Coin
Oil on Canvas
48 x 36 inches
Purchase Awards
$14,000 Purchase Prize
Teresa Oaxaca
Clamor Of The Unconscious
Oil On Canvas
55 x 44 inches
ARC Staff Awards
$100 ARC Staff Prize
Teresa Oaxaca
Late Hour
Oil On Canvas
54 x 38 inches
Nick Alm
Oil on Canvas
35,4 x 23,6 inches
Vitaliy Shtanko
Oil on Canvas
43.3 x 57.1 inches
Vitaliy Shtanko
Portrait of a girl in a poppy wreath
Oil on Canvas
24 x 33.9 inches
Carla Paine
‘I Died for Beauty”
Oil on Linen
22 x 30 inches
Teresa Oaxaca
Night Scene
Oil On Canvas
40 x 30 inches
Per Elof Nilsson Ricklund
An Uneven Struggle
Oil on Canvas
32 x 44 inches
Cornelia Hernes
Midsummer Night
Oil on Canvas
24 x 35 inches
Michael DeVore
The Burden of Knowledge
Oil on Linen
36 x 32 inches
Adrian Gottlieb
Oil on Canvas
43 x 25 inches
William Neukomm
30×32 inches
Jennifer Gennari
In the Deep
Oil on Panel
15 x 63 inches
Gala Gilan
The Quest
Oil on Canvas
35.4 x 51 inches
Teresa Oaxaca
Lillith, The Putto (Tasting Cake)
Oil On Canvas
24 x 24 inches
Maureen Hyde
Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors
Oil on Canvas
22 x 30 inches
Maureen Hyde
Thicker than Blood
Oil on Canvas
20 x 28 inches
Justin Hess
Endless Possibilities
Oil on Linen
32 x 76 inches
May 11 14

Alicia Ponzio Continues her Recent Success in Figurative Sculpture at The Portrait Society of America

by Basilio de San Juan Guerrero
The Portrait Society of America’s prestigious International Portrait Competition has designated this year’s award winners, who will now be considered at the forefront of contemporary portraiture.

At the annual Art of the Portrait Conference, the Portrait Society of America announced the winners of its 2014 International Portrait Competition from a list of 21 finalists. Alicia Ponzio continued her recent success in figurative sculpture, winning First Place Sculpture with her bronze “In Recent Days — A Self-Portrait.”

For more information click here
Congratulations Alicia!
 Alicia Ponzio. In Recent Days.A Self-Portrait
Apr 9 14

Alumna’s success in major international portrait exhibition. Congratulations Tatyana!

by Basilio de San Juan Guerrero
Work by Tatyana Kulida Shelley, has been selected from over 1,000 entries to appear alongside paintings by some of Britain’s leading portrait artists. The Royal Society of Portrait Painters hold an annual open submission exhibition in central London each year.
Graced by portraits of royalty, celebrities, academics, mothers, daughters, fathers and sons, the exhibition is a feature of the social calendar. This year about half of the work will be by eminent Members of the Society and half by emerging artists selected through the open submission. With some 200 portraits on show this is one of the largest and most comprehensive exhibitions of recent portraits in Europe.
This year’s exhibition will be on display at the Mall Galleries near Trafalgar Square between 8 and 23 May 2014. The Royal Society of Portrait Painters have many prizes and awards available to exhibitors, including the £10,000 Ondaatje Prize for Portraiture and the £3,000 de Laszlo Foundation Award.
Kulida Shelley T. Rachel Holding on to joy
Mar 29 14

Read this interesting article about Angel Ramiro Sanchez, director of advance painting program in FAA

by Basilio de San Juan Guerrero



Honoring Dan’s Papers Cover Artist: Ramiro Sanchez

While this week’s cover by Ramiro Sanchez, “Maria! Maria!” resembles a portrait, it has some similarities with the artist’s striking landscapes. In fact, many of his portraits and figurative pieces have seemed like metaphors for fields, the sky and all manner of natural surroundings. Sanchez’s work, whether images of people or crashing waves, is emotional, evoking psychological states of mind.

keep reading here….

Feb 10 14

Basilio De San Juan Guerrero wins first place at YICCA 2013 for his painting, Augury

by Basilio de San Juan Guerrero

YICCA, Young International Contest of Contemporary Art

Basilio De San Juan Guererro wins first place at YICCA 2013 for his painting, Augury,

“YICCA” is an ambitious project regarding transparency, comparison and research of new artistic talents. Nowadays it is becoming more and more difficult to comply with the requirements of art market, in particular – facing the challenge of competing with the constantly increasing number of newly arising artists in the contemporary art field.YICCA was founded in 2009. The decision of its foundation was taken under the great influence of new ways of making and thinking art that recently have discovered many surprising and unusual forms of art.This general confusion and rapid change of offers is without any doubt challenging and extremely exciting. The main goal of YICCA is to understand and to improve new talents that in this “beautiful chaos” are able to interpret better the upcoming art.”


Nov 5 13

Alicia Ponzio video interview at

by Basilio de San Juan Guerrero

Enchanting interview with former FAA student Alicia Ponzio. Alicia went onto teach at the Academy for a further 3 years before returning to California where she is currently based.

watch the interview for free here

Oct 2 13

An online library of tutorials, lectures and interviews. digiQualia it’s now live!

by Basilio de San Juan Guerrero

digiQualia is now live!. digiQualia is an online library of tutorials, lectures and interviews, available to everyone who seeks to further their artistic understanding, be they novice or experienced.

Although digiQualia is undoubtably a very international education center, it was born in Florence, Italy, home of the Renaissance and delicious gelato. Our current headquarters are still placed in Florence, a location that gives us easy access not only to great art collections and the surrounding architecture that goes with it, but the students, teachers and artists that pilgrimage here.

Naturally, the city offers some of the best schools in regards to fine arts, like The Florence Academy of Art and the Charles H. Cecil Studios, at the same time as providing more contemporary stimulance, like at the Accademia D’Arte and Polimoda.

With such an exceptional work environment, we have the luxuary of being contantly stimulated by the work of the old masters as we keep discovering new, exciting talent. A major part of digiQualia might be dedicated to academic art, but the material is fresh.
See more at

Jun 7 13

International 2012.13 ARC Salon

by Basilio de San Juan Guerrero

Congratulations to Nick Alm for winning the First Place Prize for Two Lovers, and to all our other graduates for their success in this year’s International Art Renewal Center Salon:


First Place Prize

Nick Alm,
Two Lovers


Finalists in the Figurative Category

Maureen Hyde,

Stephen Bauman,

Stephen Bauman,
Alone Together

Cecilia Thorell,
The Smoker

Tanvi Pathare,

Andreas Birath

Jennifer Gennari,
Something Borrowed


Finalists in the Imaginative Realism Category

Teresa Oaxaca,
The Dream of Pierrot

Gustav Sundin,

Ron A. Cheek,
Beautiful Feet


Finalists in the Still Life Category

Carla Paine,
Susan’s Shoes

Michael DeVore,
Copper Kettle with Peppers and Shallots


Chairman’s Prize

Frøydis Aarseth,
The Journey


Best Social Commentary Runner Up

Teresa Oaxaca,
La Vie En Rose


Finalists in the Sculpture Category

Cody Swanson,
Corpus of St. Joseph Cathedral

Cody Swanson,
Angel Playing a Lyre

Alicia Ponzio,
Claudia Regina Del Fiume

Lori Shorin,
Lady Lotus


Honorable Mention in Imaginative Realism Category

Joakim Ericsson,
Alone in the Wasteland – Sacrifice of the Innocents

Matthew Almy,
House of Mirth


Honorable Mention in the Sculpture

Alicia Ponzio,

Sara Stenlund,
“Go to the ant” 6-6-11

Cody Swanson,
Saint Emygdius Baptizing Polisia

May 21 13

Justin Hess is featured in American Art Collector.

by Basilio de San Juan Guerrero